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x264 rev1936+500 patched build (win, x86 & x64)

14th April 2011, Thursday Leave a comment Go to comments

tMod: x264_rev1936+500_fprofiled_patched_x86x64-gcc452.7z
tMod+MixAQ: x264_rev1936+500_fprofiled_patched_dangerous_x86x64-gcc452.7z

MixAQ-core(only in MixAQ/dangerous version, remove AQDebug)
L-Smash(including qtaac in x86 build);
Film Grain Optimization;
Fade Compensation;
Demuxer Thread;
Auto VBV Settings;
Force level;
Filter: hqdn3d/pad/vflip/yadif;
Encode Time;
Avi output;
Remove stats before renaming;
No opts;

mingw-gcc 4.5.2

Libpack info:
ffmpeg-mt(Based Libav): git-d955ab0/r54691
ffms2: svn-r452
lame 3.98.4
faac 1.28
opencore-amr 0.1.2
qtsdk 7.3

MixAQ’s diff(AQDebug removed, also included in the patch package above):

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