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PokeMon M8 HDTVRip – NV12+EVR issue ( on AMD GPU ? )

7th January 2012, Saturday Leave a comment Go to comments

Source: PokeMon Movie 8, HDTVrip, C2Club.

When using NV12 colourspace with EVR, the colour of frames before frame 62293 is different from that of frames after frame 62293, no matter which decoder is used, DXVA or not.


Frame 62292 NV12 + EVR:



Frame 62293 NV12 + EVR:



I have not compared those results with DVD sources, and I doubt how this happened as these frames are in the same GOP, meaning no decoding flag should have effect on them.

If compare the two frames it is clear that Y/C range is same, while means of them is different. Maybe a problem of Gamma curve?

When using other colourspace with EVR, or NV12 with other renderer, or even decoding with ffms2, the results are same, with no difference before and after frame 62293. I believe that these results are correct. For example, frame 62293 YUY2 + EVR:


If I recalled correctly, on my AMD 6770M ( ccc 11.8 ), when using NV12+EVR, renderer delivers NV12 directly to GPU, while when using other renderer / other colourspace, renderer converts it to RGB32 before sending to GPU. Thus the NV12+EVR issue might possibly be introduced by graphic driver. But I cannot confirm that, because if I switch to iGPU of my i7-2670QM, EVR will also convert NV12 to RGB32 before outputting to video card.

Anyway, I found another reason to hate AMD….

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