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x264 rev2184+659 tMod ( Back to win32thread )

17th March 2012, Saturday Leave a comment Go to comments

Sources on GitHub: https://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod.

Use win32thread and fprofiled:

x264_rev2184+659_tMod-v2.7z : NMMGitHubMediaFire
x264_rev2184+659_tMod-Special_offer.7z : NMMGitHubMediaFire

Special offer has only tMod+MixAQ-8bit and tMod-10bit with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, no interlaced/audio/lavf/swscale/ffms support, smaller in size and might be faster in speed.

Latest updates:
– Updated x264 to rev2184( fixed win32thread crash ).
– [DEVEL-PATCH] Fix sliced-threads ratecontrol bug Was using qp instead of qscale; could cause NANs (not to mention less accurate results).
– Updated libav/ffms/l-smash/libvorbis(manually merged libvorbis 1.3.2->1.3.3 changes into AoTuV b6.03) .
Edit (18 Mar): libvorbis/AoTuV encoder was not available in previous versions. 2184+659v2 added a patch to enable it.

—– How to load subtitles internally –—
These builds ported subtitles video-filter from direct264, and are able to render subtitles internally.
To render subtitles in this way, demuxer must be libav/ffms. Raw/avs demuxer is not supported for now. And VSFilter.dll(for 32-bit builds) or VSFilter64.dll(for 64-bit builds) must be placed together with the x264 binary or in the system path. Do NOT change filenames of them.
Rendering multiple subtitles is possible. Now you can render at most 16 subtitles simultaneously by calling –sub for each subtitles. Note that the later calling of –sub overlays the subtitles after previous calling of –sub, so if several subtitles are in the same position, the last one should overlays on all those rendered before.
The VSFilters are modified to add custom csri API. Patches can be found in svn of direct264 project. Therefore do NOT replace them with other builds. BT.709/BT.601 is auto detected according to video resolution. For HD videos BT.709 is used and for SD videos BT.601 is used.
Both 8-bit and 10-bit builds can use subtitles rendering, but rendering always takes place in 8-bit colorspaces.
The commandline example to render subtitles:
x264_32_tMod-8bit-420.exe –sub “subtitles-1.ass” –sub “subtitles-2.ass” –sub “subtitles-3.ass” –video-filter subtitles[/Other video filters] [Other x264 options] –output “output.mp4″ “input.mkv”

–—––—– Download(L-Smash not included): patches-rev2183-v2.7znmm-hd-Mirror
00:L-Smash(including audio encoding);
01:More detailed version head
02:Add back “touhou” tune
03:Film Grain Optimization
04:Fade Compensation
05:Remove stats before renaming
06:Add a parameter to set level of writing options in User Data Unregistered SEI
07:Utilize internal threading in lavf/ffms
08:Auto VBV settings
09:AVI output (updated!!)
10:filters hqdn3d pad vflip yadif patch
11:Log file
12:Encoding time
13:Level force
14:Profile force
16:New experimental AQ mode (modification of Auto-variance AQ)
17:Print video info with lavf/ffms demuxer
18:lto & Ofast
19:AviSynth 16bit hack
20:Skip bit depth filter when possible
21:Video filter: subtitles
22:Detect color matrix with lavf/ffms demuxer
23:Fix AviSynth color space converting matrix
24:High-precision fps
25:Unofficial –device
26:More detailed “zones” help
27-1:MixAQ-core;(only in tMod+MixAQ version, remove AQDebug)
27-2:OreAQ-core.(only in tMod+OreAQ version, remove AQDebug)

mingw-gcc 4.7.0

Libpack info:
ffms svn-r670
VSFilter svn-r3698 (MPC-HC)
lame 3.99-5
libvorbis-aotuv_b6.03 (libvorbis-1.3.3)
opencore-amr 0.1.3 git-r189(958395d)
vo-aacenc v0.1.2-6 git-r85(c6bad70)
vo-amrwbenc v0.1.2-3 git-r52(6ffcea9)
faac 1.28
qtsdk 7.3

My other tools list ( including some of the x264 builds ) : MediaFire

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  1. 21st March 2012, Wednesday at 03,21am UTC

    Hi 06_taro, how about add libav’s built-in flac encoder? There’s a patch(http://pastebin.com/1xsfgyQ6) for that and it works well for me

    • 21st March 2012, Wednesday at 07,14pm UTC

      Yes, it is possible. Actually that patch on pastebin was written and uploaded by me for test. However, according to http://haali.su/mkv/codecs.pdf, encoding flac via libavcodec and directly pass it to Haali’s muxer does not obey Opaque codec init data structure, and therefore cannot guarantee to work fine in all cases. I’ve compile a test build of x264 with this patch, and encoded some flac in mkv. They played well in some playbacks, e.g., MPC-HC with LAV filters, but many of them failed to play correctly in many other players like foobar2000, and analyzing them with eac3to or other tools also resulted in warnings or errors. Moreover, encoding 5.1ch audio to flac in this way had almost never succeeded and always crashed randomly. So I don’t think this patch is well enough to be put into use, unless it is re-written and the new method is completely kept in the spec.

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