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avs4x264mod v0.8.0 ( supports .d2v/.dgi/.dga/.avi/.mkv/.mp4/.m2ts/.wmv/… input, and auto fps correction )

4th June 2012, Monday Leave a comment

Download links ( source codes are here):

normal version: avs4x264mod-0.8.0-git-r61(099ad2f).7z:
MediaFireGitHubNMM Mirror

excalibur version: avs4x264mod-0.6.2-9-git-excalibur-r52(b32dcfd).7z:
MediaFireGitHubNMM Mirror

excalibur version is a totally re-written experimental version by msg7086, and support --pipe-mt/--affinity/--x264-affinity. You can find more info by running it without options. But some latest updates of main branch may be missing in this version.


1. Fix capability with high bit depth avs.
2. Add parameter to customize x264 binary.
3. Print full command line used by x264.

1. Delete ugly blank space in command line, which was generated in v0.1 if “--x264-binary” specified.

1. Fix invalid x264 binary path when both avs4x264 and x264 binary is given by full path
2. Add switch -L as a short name of --x264-binary, e.g., -L C:\x264.exe is equal to --x264-binary C:\x264.exe.

1. Directly output i422/i444 with AviSynth 2.6 new csp YV16/YV24. No forced ConvertToYV12 for these two csp any more. Thanks to SAPikachu.
2. Display version and help info when run with no options.

1. Improve capability with more styles of parameters in x264.
E.g., --tcfile-in="timecode.txt", --input-depth=16, --x264-binary="x264", -L=x264 and -Lx264.

1. Fix pipe error with YV12. This bug was introduced in v0.4.

1. Do not add --input-res/--fps/--frames/--input-csp if already defined.
2. Correct number of frames to be handled when --frames is defined. Now you can specify frame numbers to be encoded without getting errors.

1. Correct --frames when used with --seek, faster --seek if no timecodes defined.
2. Show more script information when opening avs.

1. Add "--seek-mode" paramters, and some minor bug fixes.

1. Fix crash on XP/Server 2003, thanks to maki_rxrz.

1. Made a mistake in my last “Fix crash on XP/Server 2003″, details: here. Thanks for bug report.

1. Automatically add “--timebase” when using “--tcfile-in“. When timebase is not specified, x264 reads timebase from input source.
2. Call VersionString() instead of VersionNumber() in version detect, as there are too many builds with same version number, like SEt’s mt/2.6 builds.

1. Correct framerate to proper NTSC fraction if applicable, e.g., DSS’s 10000000/417083fps will be automatically corrected to 24000/1001, and DGSource’s 48000/2002 or 240000/10010 will be automatically reduced fraction to 24000/1001.
2. Fix some regressions in input file name detection with x264-audio, such as avs4x264mod.exe --audiofile "audio.avs" "video.avs" --output "output.mp4".
3. When one switch has been specified twice, use the latter, except for input file name, for which the first one is always used. E.g., for avs4x264mod "input_1.avs" "input_2.avs" --input-depth 8 --input-depth 10 -o output_1.mp4 -o output_2.mkv, “input_1.avs” will be used as input file, “output_2.mkv” will be used as output path, and input-depth will be set to 10. This is exactly what x264 do when one parameter has been specified twice or more, so avs4x264mod just follow the same logic.
4. Update for x264’s new style --tff/bff instead of old --interlaced switch
5. Add support for direct .d2v/.dga/.dgi input, and some media file input. Now you can simply use avs4x264mod "input.dgi" -o "output.264" or avs4x264mod "input.avi" -o "output.264" to encode.


avs4x264mod - simple AviSynth pipe tool for x264
Version:, built on Jun 4 2012, 02:45:33

Usage: avs4x264mod [avs4x264mod options] [x264 options]

Supported input formats:
.d2v: requires DGDecode.dll
.dga: requires DGAVCDecode.dll
.dgi: requires DGAVCDecodeDI.dll or DGDecodeNV.dll according to dgi file
.avi: try to use AVISource -> FFVideoSource(normal) -> DSS2 -> DirectShowSource
try to use FFVideoSource(demuxer="lavf" and seekmode=-1) -> DSS2 -> DirectShowSource
seek-mode will be forced to "safe" for these formats
try to use FFVideoSource(normal) -> DSS2 -> DirectShowSource
try to use DSS2 -> DirectShowSource

-L, --x264-binary User defined x264 binary path. [Default="x264_64"]
--seek-mode Set seek mode when using --seek. [Default="fast"]
- fast: Skip process of frames before seek number as x264 does if no
--tcfile-in/--qpfile specified;
otherwise freeze frames before seek number to skip process,
but keep frame number as-is.
( x264 treats tcfile-in/qpfile as timecodes/qpfile of input
video, not output video )
Normally safe enough for randomly seekable AviSynth scripts.
May break scripts which can only be linearly seeked, such as
- safe: Process and deliver every frame to x264.
Should give accurate result with every AviSynth script.
Significantly slower when the process is heavy.

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