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x264 rev2216+688 tMod

12th September 2012, Wednesday Leave a comment Go to comments

Sources on GitHub: https://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod.

Use win32thread and fprofiled:
x264_rev2216+688_tMod.7z : NMMMediaFire
x264_rev2216+688_tMod-opencl.7z (test only) : NMMMediaFire

By default uses old style progress indicator, and won’t break GUI’s progress parser. If you like r2204 style progress indicator, try --stylish, but keep careful if you are using GUIs. The difference between r2204 and this --stylish is that console title always uses old style indicator, so you won’t get meaningless raw numbers without labels on console title.

OpenCL version need --opencl to enable use of opencl lookahead. I did not test it, as it seems broken on my CCC 12.8. The last driver I successfully run it was CCC 12.3 ( or NVidia cards ), compiled with APP v2.6, but this version is compiled with APP v2.7.

–—––—– Download: patches-rev2216.7z: NMMMediaFire
00: L-Smash(including audio encoding)
01: Add an option to use r2204 style progress indicator
02: More detailed version head
03: Add back “touhou” tune
04: Film Grain Optimization
05: Fade Compensation
06: Remove stats before renaming
07: Add a parameter to set level of writing options in User Data Unregistered SEI
08: Utilize internal threading in lavf/ffms
09: Auto VBV settings
10: AVI output
11: filters hqdn3d pad vflip yadif patch
12: Log file
13: Encoding time
14: Level force
15: Profile force
16: Cosmetic
17: New experimental AQ mode (modification of Auto-variance AQ)
18: Print video info with lavf/ffms demuxer
19: lto & Ofast
20: AviSynth 16bit hack
21: Skip bit depth filter when possible
22: Use f3kdb for bit depth conversion when needed
23: Video filter: subtitles
24: Detect color matrix with lavf/ffms demuxer
25: Fix AviSynth color space converting matrix
26: Fix swscale color space converting matrix
27: Support “dgi” file extension
28: Variable progress precision, print encoded file size & estimated total size
29: More detailed “zones” help
30: Unofficial --device
31: Correct framerate of AviSynth to proper NTSC fraction if applicable
32: Add “libaacplus”
33-1: MixAQ-core(only in tMod+MixAQ version, remove AQDebug)
33-2: OreAQ-core(only in tMod+OreAQ version, remove AQDebug)

My other tools list ( including some of the x264 builds ) : MediaFire, RSS

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  1. wda.add dd
    12th October 2012, Friday at 08,07am UTC

    why no mixaq+10bit>

  2. fi
    13th October 2012, Saturday at 03,07am UTC


    • 06_taro
      14th October 2012, Sunday at 09,13pm UTC

      Works on Catalyst 12.3. Crashes on Catalyst 12.4-12.8 because of opencl runtime bugs, seems fine with 12.9.

  3. FAHAD
    16th October 2012, Tuesday at 08,43am UTC

    Any way i can force avs4x264mod to not use x264 options , such “–input-res ” … ?
    with older versions of x264

    • 27th October 2012, Saturday at 05,15pm UTC

      No. Raw input always need resolution, or else x264 don’t know how to deal with the raw contents, so input-res can be overridden if you already specified in your command line, but it can never be omitted for raw input.

      BTW, why do you need to force x264 to not use that options? Is there any wrong detection of resolution/fps by avs4x264mod? If so, I would like to have a piece of sample or script to reproduce the issue. Thanks.

  4. 22nd October 2012, Monday at 11,13pm UTC

    Thanks a bunch

  5. kiran.qi
    25th October 2012, Thursday at 04,45am UTC

    can enable opencl in linux

    • 27th October 2012, Saturday at 05,08pm UTC

      I don’t know if AMD and NVidia released their APP/CUDA SDK for Linux or not. If they did, then apply the OpenCL’s patch ( ask muggs on x264dev IRC for latest one ), and compile the source see if it works.

  6. Alex
    27th October 2012, Saturday at 03,00pm UTC

    Im sorry for noobish question. i use megui as GUI for encoding stuff. How do i apply topencl patch to existent x264 exe’s? Or is it done somehow different?


    • 27th October 2012, Saturday at 05,04pm UTC

      Rename x264_32_tMod+MixAQ-8bit-420-opencl.exe to x264.exe, or rename x264_64_tMod+MixAQ-8bit-420-opencl.exe to x264_64.exe if you prefer 64-bit version, and put them in MeGUI/tools/x264 folder to replace MeGUI’s.

      • Alex
        28th October 2012, Sunday at 12,37am UTC

        got it.. and how do i activate opencl? do i need to enter custom command something like —opencl ?in misc custom command line?

      • 28th October 2012, Sunday at 06,52am UTC

        Yes, use --opencl to enable opencl lookahead.

  7. FAHAD
    27th October 2012, Saturday at 06,26pm UTC

    No nothing wrong , like i said i uses older ver
    therefore , i always get this … x264_64: unknown option — input-res !

    • 27th October 2012, Saturday at 06,56pm UTC

      OK, I created a special version for the very old x264: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3b5utv2k74fs42k/avs4x264mod-for_old_x264.7z

      Always convert non-YV12 contents to YV12, as old x264 does not support --input-csp and cannot deal with non-i420 input.

      Always write WIDTHxHEIGHT at the end ( use old x264’s syntax ), cannot be overridden.

      Should work like this:

      Try this one to see if it works for you. If not, please give me your x264’s revision number.

  8. FAHAD
    29th October 2012, Monday at 05,25pm UTC

    thanks , it work now …

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