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x264 rev2230+696 tMod / avs4x264mod 0.9.0

11th November 2012, Sunday Leave a comment Go to comments

Sources on GitHub: https://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod.

Use win32thread and fprofiled:
x264_rev2230+696_tMod.7z : NMMMediaFireGitHub
No-opencl ver(Lite+MixAQ only): NMM
avs4x264mod-0.9.0-git-r62(691c5c4).7z: NMMMediaFireGitHub

By default uses old style progress indicator, and won’t break GUI’s progress parser. If you like r2204 style progress indicator, try --stylish, but keep careful if you are using GUIs. The difference between r2204 and this --stylish is that console title always uses old style indicator, so you won’t get meaningless raw numbers without labels on console title.


1. <x264> updated x264 core to 0.129.2230+696
2. <x264> (important!!) (should have) fixed a regression in fgo patch, usually occurs on still or slowly moving objects with clean background ( and it is quite possibly that this regression not only existed in my builds but also in many others’ builds with fgo patch ). If anyone used the fgo patch grabbed from rev2085 to rev2216, please replace your patch from here. Thanks \Noir/ for reporting and testing
3. <x264> high bit depth y4m support, with skipping depth filter enabled
4. <x264> all 8-bit builds except no-opencl version were built with opencl support (Catalyst™ 12.9 should have fixed the crashing), so they need OpenCL runtime installed in your system, otherwise use no-opencl version instead.
5. <avs4x264mod & x264> added support for .vpy file input via vfw interface (using AVISouce/HBVFWSource):

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My other tools list ( including some of the x264 builds ) : MediaFire, RSS

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  1. 13th November 2012, Tuesday at 12,33pm UTC

    Thanks ❤

  2. Darkstalkers
    14th November 2012, Wednesday at 07,58pm UTC


  3. Kouta84
    21st November 2012, Wednesday at 03,28pm UTC

    so no opencl version are only lite+mixaq?
    other builds seems to work well without opencl too…

    • 22nd November 2012, Thursday at 05,36pm UTC

      Normally yes, but in some occasions opencl version may fail for the dll loading test when there’s no opencl runtime in the system ( I’m not quite sure, as all my computers has opencl runtime installed, and some people reported they had a problem ), so I added a clean build of no-opencl version.

  4. tolunoide
    22nd November 2012, Thursday at 08,00am UTC

    Hi, I try x264 rev2230+696 tMod on my Linux (Fedora 16 with AMD SDK 2.7 on i7 930@3.8 with HD5750 crossfire).
    Works fine with the file test from Phoronix (soccer). But the gain is thin !
    134fps without openCL and 137fps with (it is in one pass). And in 2 pass, the 1st pass (which should be the only one concern) , it is slower with openCL (185fps against 304fps)

    • 22nd November 2012, Thursday at 05,41pm UTC

      It it normal to see such a result, as running some part of codes in GPU does not necessarily mean faster encoding than running them in CPU, especially when your CPU is already fast enough. And AMD cards seem to have a poor performance copying data from vRAM back to main memory, so it usually becomes the bottleneck when one programme needs to pull the results back to CPU instead of letting GPU directly display something on screen.

      BTW, you can post your results here and let more people know. 😀

  5. 25th November 2012, Sunday at 12,55pm UTC

    um, what the differences between ffmpeg and libav? which one better?
    i’m always using lite version, and now i wanna try one of them..

    • 28th November 2012, Wednesday at 02,40pm UTC

      The difference is whether built with FFmpeg or Libav. The main difference for me is FFmpeg uses libutvideo to decode utvideo, which is faster than current libavcodec in Libav(also available in FFmpeg but I simply disabled it). Other differences can be found on Libav’s official site. The code base of FFmpeg is a mess for developers, but personally I use it more for functionality. BTW if lite version fits all your needs, you might prefer to stick on it, as it is usually slightly faster than those with lavf/ffms supports. I myself always use lite version unless doing some quick encoding for my mobile devices.

      • 28th November 2012, Wednesday at 11,45pm UTC

        oh, thanks 😀

  6. Tubgirl
    19th December 2012, Wednesday at 09,54am UTC

    Hi, it seems that one cannot download old x264 files from your mediafire account anymore. It says that there is a term violation.

  7. ioncube
    24th December 2012, Monday at 12,30am UTC

    Hey there
    Taro I am using using x264_ttmod_libav builds for quite some time. Under windows they give me one solid binary to do every thing from video to audio to subtitle, however I have recently switched over to Fedora 17 32bit. I have searched across web but only ffmpeg compilation is tutored but I am more comfortable using x264 syntax (or should I say yours binary syntax)…It would be really helpful for noobs like us that you make a blog entry showing steps how to compile via your git, such that it does all the audio stuff as well. Plz sir, do thy think abt it.
    Yours sincerely
    Chemical EnGG

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