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x264 rev2245+704 tMod

10th January 2013, Thursday 18 comments

Sources on GitHub:

Use win32thread(except for MacOSX builds) and fprofiled: tMod/tMod-10bit/tMod+MixAQ/tMod+OreAQ:
x264_rev2245+704_tMod.7z : NMMMediaFire
x264_rev2245+704_tMod-MacOSX-x86_64.7z : NMMMediaFire

By default uses old style progress indicator, and won’t break GUI’s progress parser. If you like r2204 style progress indicator, try --stylish, but keep careful if you are using GUIs. The difference between r2204 and this --stylish is that console title always uses old style indicator, so you won’t get meaningless raw numbers without labels on console title.


1. <x264_l-smash> updated x264 core to 0.129.2245+704
2. <patches> bumped dates to 2013
3. <vf/subtitles> cleanups on building, for correctly build without AviSynth on windows


Some instructions those who would like to build binaries for themselves:

1. Set up your building environment: download MSYS+MinGW on windows, or install Xcode & homebrew on MacOS, or apt-get install gcc to add gcc on Ununtu, etc;
2. Install Git, and grab the source codes of x264_tMod from GitHub(recommended): git clone git://, or directly download tarballs: tMod, tMod+MixAQ, tMod+OreAQ;
3. If you grabbed the codes using Git, you may need to run git checkout YOUR_PREFERRED_BRANCH;
4. if you need to build x264_tMod with FFmpeg/Libav/ffms, build those libs first. For example, to build ffmpeg/ffms with vo-aacenc:
git clone git://
git clone git://
svn co ffms

cd vo-aacenc
autoreconf -i
make install

cd ../ffmpeg
./configure --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-libvo-aacenc
make install

cd ../ffms
make install-strip

5. When everything has been done, configure and build x264 in x264 directory:
make install

If you need some specific configure options when building libs or x264, run ./configure --help to find the configure documents.

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