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x264 rev2245+704 tMod

10th January 2013, Thursday Leave a comment Go to comments

Sources on GitHub: https://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod.

Use win32thread(except for MacOSX builds) and fprofiled: tMod/tMod-10bit/tMod+MixAQ/tMod+OreAQ:
x264_rev2245+704_tMod.7z : NMMMediaFire
x264_rev2245+704_tMod-MacOSX-x86_64.7z : NMMMediaFire

By default uses old style progress indicator, and won’t break GUI’s progress parser. If you like r2204 style progress indicator, try --stylish, but keep careful if you are using GUIs. The difference between r2204 and this --stylish is that console title always uses old style indicator, so you won’t get meaningless raw numbers without labels on console title.


1. <x264_l-smash> updated x264 core to 0.129.2245+704
2. <patches> bumped dates to 2013
3. <vf/subtitles> cleanups on building, for correctly build without AviSynth on windows


Some instructions those who would like to build binaries for themselves:

1. Set up your building environment: download MSYS+MinGW on windows, or install Xcode & homebrew on MacOS, or apt-get install gcc to add gcc on Ununtu, etc;
2. Install Git, and grab the source codes of x264_tMod from GitHub(recommended): git clone git://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod.git, or directly download tarballs: tMod, tMod+MixAQ, tMod+OreAQ;
3. If you grabbed the codes using Git, you may need to run git checkout YOUR_PREFERRED_BRANCH;
4. if you need to build x264_tMod with FFmpeg/Libav/ffms, build those libs first. For example, to build ffmpeg/ffms with vo-aacenc:
git clone git://github.com/mstorsjo/vo-aacenc.git
git clone git://source.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git
svn co http://ffmpegsource.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ ffms

cd vo-aacenc
autoreconf -i
make install

cd ../ffmpeg
./configure --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-libvo-aacenc
make install

cd ../ffms
make install-strip

5. When everything has been done, configure and build x264 in x264 directory:
make install

If you need some specific configure options when building libs or x264, run ./configure --help to find the configure documents.

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  1. Kouta84
    11th January 2013, Friday at 03,37pm UTC

    documentation about qtaac is missing, also qtaac put out very very low audio quality… with –acodec-quality 2 too.
    also defautl –acodec auto seems to choose qtaac (faac for x86-64 builds) instead of copy. (ac3 audio, mkv output)
    I tested only libav and ffmpeg 8bit tmod.

    • Kouta84
      11th January 2013, Friday at 03,41pm UTC

      also, u can open the help file with wordpad and re-save them?
      with notepad are all busted.

      • Kouta84
        11th January 2013, Friday at 03,51pm UTC

        ok even rev2230+696_tMod choose aac as audio code too, now I’m a little more confused than before.
        my cli is:
        %~dp0x264_32_tMod-8bit-420.exe –device generic –tune animation –crf 18.0 –non-deterministic –fade-compensate 0.6 –fgo 5 –thread-input –aud -o %1.mkv %1 –force-cfr

  2. Kouta84
    11th January 2013, Friday at 03,52pm UTC

    ps but in rev2230+696_tMod audio quality is good..

  3. 12th January 2013, Saturday at 04,10am UTC

    Thanks :3

  4. 14th January 2013, Monday at 10,58am UTC

    about get version of executable while building…

    how to get this?? XDD

    I’ve gone crazy with the script version.sh

    after 3 hours (xd) of investigate lots of combinations of possibilities (and repos), finally get this :

    git clone git://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod.git x264
    cd x264
    git remote add porigin git://git.videolan.org/x264.git && git fetch porigin
    git remote add lorigin git://github.com/silverfilain/x264_L-SMASH.git && git fetch lorigin
    sed ‘s|list lsmash |list tMod |g’ -i version.sh

    to get:

    #define X264_REV 2245
    #define X264_REV_DIFF 704+35
    #define X264_VERSION ” r2245+704+35M dbbd7a1 tMod [8-bit@all X86_64]”
    #define X264_POINTVER “0.129.2245+704+35M dbbd7a1 tMod [8-bit@all X86_64]”

    if no use the “sed” line i get:

    #define X264_REV 2245
    fatal: ambiguous argument ‘lsmash’: unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
    Use ‘–‘ to separate paths from revisions, like this:
    ‘git […] — […]’
    #define X264_REV_DIFF 2949+-2211
    #define X264_VERSION ” r2245+2949+-2211 dbbd7a1 tMod [8-bit@all X86_64]”
    #define X264_POINTVER “0.129.2245+2949+-2211 dbbd7a1 tMod [8-bit@all X86_64]”

    this is the method for build your x264? or use other conbination of x264 git repos


  5. Kuba
    21st January 2013, Monday at 02,04pm UTC


    does anyone know, is it possible to put eac3 audio in mp4 with x264 or any other software?

    thank you

  6. 3rd February 2013, Sunday at 11,35am UTC

    MF Link died 😦

  7. 9th February 2013, Saturday at 07,06pm UTC

    Is it possible to get this in 10-bit ?

  8. 9th February 2013, Saturday at 07,08pm UTC

    I mean MixAQ / OreAQ in 10bit. I found those in 8-bit, but it’ll be nice if they are available in 10-bit as well.

    • 10th March 2013, Sunday at 03,42pm UTC

      They can be built but not work as expected. aq2 crashes and OreAQ does not work in the way it is designed to in high bit depth builds. I tried to fix them but didn’t get time to continue, and VAQ in 10-bit already works quite well for me. So I just decided not to redistribute them.

      • zeust
        10th March 2013, Sunday at 09,04pm UTC

        Well, thanks for the reply. Anyhow, I used this “_tMod” built for 10-bit, and I quite liked it. In fact, I have started using it for all my 10-bit encodes. Thanks for this as well. 🙂

  9. mallaigne
    4th March 2013, Monday at 06,13am UTC

    What about rev2273?

  10. 5th March 2013, Tuesday at 05,55pm UTC

    Hi 06_taro.

    I tried to install x264 as the method mentioned above, and got those errors:

    [root@localhost ~]# x264 –crf 23.5 –preset 8 -r 5 -b 5 –me umh -I infinite -i 1 –scenecut 60 -f 1:1 –qcomp 0.5 –psy-rd 0.3:0 –aq-mode 1 –aq-strength 0.8 -o “S12E10-x264.mp4” “S12E10.3gp” –vf subtitles –sub “S12E10.ass” –acodec faac -abitrate 96 -demuxer lavf
    x264: invalid option — ‘a’

    [root@localhost ~]# ffmpeg
    bash: ffmpeg: command not found

    [root@localhost ~]# x264 –crf 23.5 –preset 8 -r 5 -b 5 –me umh -I infinite -i 1 –scenecut 60 -f 1:1 –qcomp 0.5 –psy-rd 0.3:0 –aq-mode 1 –aq-strength 0.8 -o “S12E10-x264.mp4” “S12E10.3gp” –vf subtitles –sub “S12E10.ass”
    x264 [error]: invalid argument: subme = S12E10.ass

    [root@localhost ~]# x264 –crf 23.5 –preset 8 -r 5 -b 5 –me umh -I infinite -i 1 –scenecut 60 -f 1:1 –qcomp 0.5 –psy-rd 0.3:0 –aq-mode 1 –aq-strength 0.8 -o “S12E10-x264.mp4” “S12E10.3gp”
    raw [error]: raw input requires a resolution.
    x264 [error]: could not open input file `S12E10.3gp’ via any method!

    My system is CentOS 6.2, brand new.

    Where is the problem?

    Thank you in advance.

    CDC of ACI Fansub Group

    • 10th March 2013, Sunday at 03,19pm UTC

      You used -abitrate which should be --abitrate. Unlike double hyphen options, single hyphen options are short options, and only the first character is checked, so "abitrate" was recognized as "a".

  11. darkboz
    9th March 2013, Saturday at 11,06am UTC

    Will you release 2273 modded build too ? I really love your modded release 🙂

    Thanks alot and keep up the good work !

  12. d4rk1
    24th September 2013, Tuesday at 02,51am UTC


    I’ve a little question about your guide to build tmod ourselfes.

    When I try to build your git without everything I get an error,
    saying “lsmash_importer.h: No such file…”.

    And also I get an error trying to compile ffmpeg, it’s telling
    me libvo_aacenc is missing.
    But I build it before (it’s in my …\msys\local\ folder).

    I’m using msys/gcc from MinGW-builds + yasm-1.2.0 (all x64).

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