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x264 rev2309+704 tMod

24th April 2013, Wednesday 14 comments

Sources on GitHub:

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x264_rev2323+704_tMod.7z (dev)
x264_rev2315+704_tMod-Lite-MacOSX.7z (dev)

1. If you didn’t check the updated versions of rev2274+704, find the updates here. There’re plenty of changes/fixes you might be interested in.
2. Updated all patches to latest rev2309. You can find all official x264 updates here. Buy yourself a Haswell to enjoy the speed boost.
3. TriAQ patch is included in tMod (default) branch now, and you can play with it to use Variance AQ, Haali’s AQ and OreAQ in one build, simultaneously. Deprecated tMod+MixAQ, tMod+OreAQ and tMod+TriAQ branches on GitHub as they are all functionally merged. They might remain there but wouldn’t be updated anymore.
4. Being heavily sick, I couldn’t remember other changes, if there were any…. Audio encoding is still broken, which is not likely to be fixed in the near future unless someone can buy me some time….

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