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x264 rev2309+704 tMod

24th April 2013, Wednesday Leave a comment Go to comments

Sources on GitHub: https://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod.

Ad: new host is http://tmod.nmm-hd.org.

x264_rev2323+704_tMod.7z (dev)
x264_rev2315+704_tMod-Lite-MacOSX.7z (dev)

1. If you didn’t check the updated versions of rev2274+704, find the updates here. There’re plenty of changes/fixes you might be interested in.
2. Updated all patches to latest rev2309. You can find all official x264 updates here. Buy yourself a Haswell to enjoy the speed boost.
3. TriAQ patch is included in tMod (default) branch now, and you can play with it to use Variance AQ, Haali’s AQ and OreAQ in one build, simultaneously. Deprecated tMod+MixAQ, tMod+OreAQ and tMod+TriAQ branches on GitHub as they are all functionally merged. They might remain there but wouldn’t be updated anymore.
4. Being heavily sick, I couldn’t remember other changes, if there were any…. Audio encoding is still broken, which is not likely to be fixed in the near future unless someone can buy me some time….

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  1. Kouta84
    24th April 2013, Wednesday at 04,37pm UTC

    Just a question, I still prefer bugmaster’s aq4, with the new TriAQ, can I use it?

    • 24th April 2013, Wednesday at 04,51pm UTC

      Yes, it is still one vaq mode, which would not be affected by haq/oaq.

  2. 25th April 2013, Thursday at 07,53pm UTC

    Thanks ❤

  3. 27th April 2013, Saturday at 02,03am UTC

    hello, what version fo ffms2 and ffmpeg/libav you use to build this?

    its for make a “clone” build for linux


    • 28th April 2013, Sunday at 04,03pm UTC

      Libraries’ version can be found in each *-fullhelp.txt

  4. ssnake
    29th April 2013, Monday at 12,04pm UTC

    x264 audio’s lavf demuxer and libfdk_aac encoder’s VBR is still broken… Umm maybe I’ve already told it on twitter, but I’m just wandering here.

    @sl1pkn07, you can always find versions via “x264*.exe –version”, even for a plain version of x264.

    • 5th May 2013, Sunday at 06,39pm UTC

      yea, the version of ffmpeg libs, but not the exactly commit used to get this version

      @06_taro, thanks for the info.


  5. ssnake
    29th April 2013, Monday at 12,14pm UTC

    Umm, not only libfdk and demuxer, but all the x264 audio except direct copy is completely broken..

    • 30th April 2013, Tuesday at 03,50am UTC

      Yes, a known issue as expressed in the main post.

  6. sl1pkn07
    16th May 2013, Thursday at 11,33am UTC

    hi, your github is down? since last week, the web always make 404 (the repository runs ok)


  7. sl1pkn07
    16th May 2013, Thursday at 02,31pm UTC

    oh, thanks

  8. Alex
    19th May 2013, Sunday at 06,03pm UTC

    i would like to build this release on my Slackware Unraid system. Someone can explain to me how i can do that or maybe some hints?

    • 21st May 2013, Tuesday at 03,38pm UTC

      this is my “clone” build script http://sl1pkn07.no-ip.com/paste/view/d9c25baa for archlinux (missing audio and now fail build output/mp4.c:33:29: error fatal: lsmash_importer.h: not found)

      the script is basicaly bash script, but with internal funtions by arch build system

      I hope it will be helpful


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