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  1. K.W.
    3rd July 2013, Wednesday at 06,54pm UTC

    at a long time ,I make a test about OreAQ . some timeas I discover M Dark area will be damage. I make more test.and use -strength,NOW I chose the strength is +:-:+:+:-:-:-:-
    it like a best chose at animes but it will use high bitrate.Maybe we should make choice between low crf and this AQ strength………
    (my english is so pool, i even don’t know how to Understanding by myself…….

    • K.W.
      3rd July 2013, Wednesday at 06,59pm UTC


    • 7th July 2013, Sunday at 09,32am UTC

      Yes, I agree to your conclusion, and I myself prefer negative value of ore-aq-strength for dark & m.dark areas in my limited experiences, especially when the source is an easy case of banding.

  2. aythinkidlol
    4th July 2013, Thursday at 10,49am UTC

    Thanks a lot for your work! The –aq-ipb-factor is awesome, i have been able to get almost the same visual quality with 1/2 of the filesize! I wonder if i can still retain the same visual quality lowering the filesize using –qpmin I:P:B and –qpmax I:P:B. What do you think about it?

    • 7th July 2013, Sunday at 09,33am UTC

      Okay, not difficult to implement, so was added in rev2348+704.

      BTW, could you please share some experiences of changing aq-ipbfactor? It came from original AQ stuffs, while I just combined some funny functions together, so the credits belong to those developers like Dark_Shikari, ButMaster, Seraphy, etc. I personally didn’t use aq-factor a lot, so I’m quite curious how much bitrate it could save, and what kind of sources may benefit from it.

  1. 7th July 2013, Sunday at 09,37am UTC

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