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avs4x264mod 0.9.1

31st August 2013, Saturday Leave a comment Go to comments

Download links ( source codes are here): avs4x264mod-0.9.1-git-r64(105c53a).7z

1. Prefers to use VapourSource for vpy input, as it is a native VapourSynth source filter. Put VapourSource.dll in AviSynth’s auto-load folder, or else x264 would try AVISource/HBVFWSource as before. Keep in mind that unlike HBVFWSource which will automatically imply –input-depth 16, with VSImport x264 wouldn’t know if the vpy output clip is 8-bit or not, so it is needed to manually set --input-depth depth if depth is not 8.
2. Prefers to use LSMASHVideoSource/LWLibavVideoSource as source filter than FFMS2 for many input formats, e.g., mp4/mov/mkv/m2ts/…. Still able to fall back to FFMS2 if LSMASH/LWL fails.

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  1. K.W
    8th September 2013, Sunday at 08,13pm UTC

    NICE JOB!!

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