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x264 rev2359+704 tMod

31st August 2013, Saturday Leave a comment Go to comments

Sources on GitHub: https://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod,
and on BitBucket:

Ad: new binary host is http://tmod.nmm-hd.org.

Download: x264_rev2359+704_tMod.7z

1. Removed some audio codecs, either not work or not proper to be put here. --acodec copy still works, so let it be.
2. <patches/AVS> Prefers to use VapourSource for vpy input, as it is a native VapourSynth source filter. Put VapourSource.dll in AviSynth’s auto-load folder, or else x264 would try AVISource/HBVFWSource as before. Keep in mind that unlike HBVFWSource which will automatically imply –input-depth 16, with VSImport x264 wouldn’t know if the vpy output clip is 8-bit or not, so it is needed to manually set --input-depth depth if depth is not 8.

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  1. 31st August 2013, Saturday at 05,31pm UTC


  2. Daynt
    2nd September 2013, Monday at 05,26pm UTC

    i love u *_*

  3. Brownie
    1st November 2013, Friday at 04,59pm UTC

    I noticed that my input for weightp 3 doesn’t work on this compiled build as would from some builds from say komisar. It would revert it back to weightp 2 instead during encode. I’m curious, if it’s not useful command or not enough information available to implement or other reason?

    • 7th November 2013, Thursday at 12,34am UTC

      weightp 3 has never been announced. It is for test only, since it does not fully act as it is supposed to. Now that no one maintains it, and has some unresolved conflicts after x264’s update, I simply removed it.

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