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x264 rev2377 tMod

7th November 2013, Thursday 7 comments

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Download: x264_rev2377_tMod.7z

1. Removed all audio codecs, except for --acodec copy/raw. x264 officially uses l-smash mp4 muxer, but I still keep x264-audio stuffs, though many does not function correctly as in previous versions (after libav/ffmpeg’s API updates). You may still build your own x264-tMod with qtaac/faac/lame/lavc support.
2. <patches/decoder> Added an option to select decoder of lavf. Only works for --demuxer lavf. For example, --demuxer lavf --decoder libvpx-vp9 uses libvpx to decode vp9, while by default lavf uses native vp9 decoder (implies --decoder vp9). Currently only vp9 (vp9/libvpx-vp9) and utvideo (utvideo/libutvideo) are tweakable. If QSV or some other decoders were added in lavf, one might select them to boost decoding mpeg-2, vc-1, h.264, etc.
3. Many other patches updated for x264, as now I use official branch as code base instead of x264_l-smash.

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