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x264 rev2389 tMod

12th February 2014, Wednesday Leave a comment Go to comments

Sources on GitHub: https://github.com/astrataro/x264_tMod,
and on BitBucket:

Ad: new binary host is http://tmod.nmm-hd.org.

Download: x264_rev2389_tMod.7z

1. x264-audio is too broken to be used, so set default acodec to “none” to avoid errors. Currently only “none” and “copy/raw” (in full version) are available.
2. <patches/ntsc-fps correction> Added an option --no-fps-correction to disable automatic fps correction. For those who need to use non-standard fps like 2997/125 and don’t want it to be corrected to 24000/1001.

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  1. 13th February 2014, Thursday at 12,24am UTC


  2. dave
    15th February 2014, Saturday at 05,55am UTC

    recently qaac added option for –num-priming, if i set it to 0 and 0 for x264 tmod –priming, i get “Delay relative to video : 67ms” in mediainfo (10 seconds sample). do you know if it works correctly?

    • 17th March 2014, Monday at 07,19am UTC

      Sadly, x264-audio uses qtaac module, which has not been updated for a long time. And x264-tMod uses x264-audio’s audio processer without any further modification. So I don’t think it works as you thought. However, patches are welcome to fix those many x264-audio issues, though totally re-writting x264-audio might be easier since many API changes….

  3. 18th February 2014, Tuesday at 06,18pm UTC

    adopted on your build after JEEB stopping 🙂

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