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avs4x26x 0.10.0 ( x265, AviSynth+, x64, DGSourceIM, etc. )

28th August 2014, Thursday 10 comments

After the silence of nearly one year.

Download links ( source codes are here): avs4x26x


Changelog since 0.9.1:

1. Fix automatically invoking Source Filter for media input files with AviSynth+, using the same patch from BugMaster for x264.

2. Support x265, x264 and x262. That is why we change the name from avs4x264 to avs4x26x. Actually avs4x264mod already supports x265 by simply using --x264-binary, but now if your output file is *.265/*.h265/*.hevc, avs4x26x will launch “x265.exe” even without --x26x-binary or -L. Still, “x264_64” for other output for backward compatibility.

Note that x265 introduce another method: x265 input output. This would not be supported for the x264/x265 recognition. Either avs4x26x input.avs --output output.265 or avs4x26x input.avs -Lx265 output.265 or avs4x26x input.avs --x26x-binary x265 is OK. But if you write avs4x26x input.avs output.h265, x264_64 is implied.

3. Support automatically invoke DGSourceIM, if DGSource failed for “*.dgi” input

4. Since x265 does not support avs input yet, x64 version is reasonable for those who want to use x64 AviSynth with x64 x26x. Now here comes the x64 version, to be used with x64 avisynth.dll.


Recently I’m preparing for my wedding ceremony, x264-tMod might be delayed for several weeks.

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