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LAVFilters – tMod: Update for HW decoder options

15th April 2015, Wednesday 2 comments

DOWNLOAD link is here:

As WMV files cannot be decoded by DXVA2 decoder on my Sandy Bridge laptop, but can be decoded by QuickSync, and as MPDN is advancing as a great player, I’d like use DXVA2(native) in players which can use madVR, and DXVA2(copyback) in MPDN, then QuickSync for those WMV3 videos. And I’m sure still someone would like to use CUVID for MPEG-4, but after DXVA2 native and copyback. So I changed the DXVA2(native) to other HW fallback mechanism, and implemented a new fallback system. Now LAVFilters-tMod can try all four HW decoders. You can set the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th HW decoder, and LAVFilters will try from the 1st HW decoder, and fallback to the next one if it fails.

For example, if you configure LAV Video as above, it will try to use DXVA2-native, then DXVA2-copyback if fails, then QuickSync if fails again, then CUVID. If all of them fails, LAV Video will fallback to software decoders, i.e., WMV DMO for wmvs (if turned on) and avcodec for others or WMV DMO fails. You can also use other sequences, e.g. CUVID->QuickSync->DXVA2….

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