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x264 rev2216+688 tMod

12th September 2012, Wednesday 16 comments

Sources on GitHub:

Use win32thread and fprofiled:
x264_rev2216+688_tMod.7z : NMMMediaFire
x264_rev2216+688_tMod-opencl.7z (test only) : NMMMediaFire

By default uses old style progress indicator, and won’t break GUI’s progress parser. If you like r2204 style progress indicator, try --stylish, but keep careful if you are using GUIs. The difference between r2204 and this --stylish is that console title always uses old style indicator, so you won’t get meaningless raw numbers without labels on console title.

OpenCL version need --opencl to enable use of opencl lookahead. I did not test it, as it seems broken on my CCC 12.8. The last driver I successfully run it was CCC 12.3 ( or NVidia cards ), compiled with APP v2.6, but this version is compiled with APP v2.7.

–—––—– Download: patches-rev2216.7z: NMMMediaFire
00: L-Smash(including audio encoding)
01: Add an option to use r2204 style progress indicator
02: More detailed version head
03: Add back “touhou” tune
04: Film Grain Optimization
05: Fade Compensation
06: Remove stats before renaming
07: Add a parameter to set level of writing options in User Data Unregistered SEI
08: Utilize internal threading in lavf/ffms
09: Auto VBV settings
10: AVI output
11: filters hqdn3d pad vflip yadif patch
12: Log file
13: Encoding time
14: Level force
15: Profile force
16: Cosmetic
17: New experimental AQ mode (modification of Auto-variance AQ)
18: Print video info with lavf/ffms demuxer
19: lto & Ofast
20: AviSynth 16bit hack
21: Skip bit depth filter when possible
22: Use f3kdb for bit depth conversion when needed
23: Video filter: subtitles
24: Detect color matrix with lavf/ffms demuxer
25: Fix AviSynth color space converting matrix
26: Fix swscale color space converting matrix
27: Support “dgi” file extension
28: Variable progress precision, print encoded file size & estimated total size
29: More detailed “zones” help
30: Unofficial --device
31: Correct framerate of AviSynth to proper NTSC fraction if applicable
32: Add “libaacplus”
33-1: MixAQ-core(only in tMod+MixAQ version, remove AQDebug)
33-2: OreAQ-core(only in tMod+OreAQ version, remove AQDebug)

My other tools list ( including some of the x264 builds ) : MediaFire, RSS

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