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x264 rev2274+704 tMod

10th March 2013, Sunday 14 comments

Sources on GitHub:

Actually r2273 was built several weeks ago, but I was too busy to post here. And for some reasons my old file host services ended. Now the new host is, so please check it regularly if you would like to get the latest build as soon as possible.

x264_rev2274+704_tMod-v8.7z : NMM

Updates(some of the features are updated after v2, so only available in Lite builds):
1. <x264_l-smash> updated x264 core to 0.130.2274, with l-smash version stays in 704
2. <patches> added avxsynth audio support, fixed compilation with --disable-audio, and skip useless lavr check when lavf is not available
3. <patches/opts> added back --no-opts as an alias name of --opts 0, and changed --opts 0-2 to 0-3: 0-1 remains the old behaviour, 3 equals to old 2 which print both x264 version and options, the new 2 writes x264 options without version info. Personally I don’t like one using this option, but some people want it….
4. <patches/colormatrix> fixed sometimes BT.709 colormatrix is detected correctly by lavf/ffms, but is wrongly set to be BT.601 in the output file
5. <patches/demuxer=avs> now supports invoking LSMASHSource in avs demuxer ( LSMASHVideoSource/LSMASHAudioSource for mp4/mov/qt/3gp/3g2/m4a, and LWLibavVideoSource/LWLibavAudioSource for general formats
6. <patches/ntsc-fps> added support ntsc fps/timebase correction (e.g., 23.976xxx->24000/1001) for all demuxers, was only available in avs demuxer
7. <patches/MixAQ&OreAQ> fixed crashes in high bit depth build, hope they work as they should….
8. <patches/TriAQ> added aq3 as OreAQ, now can be used with VAQ and HaaliAQ
9. <patches/fgo&yadif> silence some gcc warnings
10. <patches/vf=subtitles> Many improvements:

  • Now you can use --fps or --timebase / --tcfile-in along with subtitles filter ( they would break subtitles rendering in the previous builds ).
  • Input demuxer is not limited to y4m/lavf/ffms any more, it can be any demuxer including avs/raw.
  • When --sub option is found, rendering csp will be automatically switched to i420:8, so if your input is 10-bit clips, you don’t need to manually set --vf resize:csp=i420:8/subtitles any more, just use --vf subtitles and enjoy!

In the last post I wrote a simple instruction to build tMod. If you do not know how to set tMod’s git branches, try the shell script. For those who expect a better instruction for compilation, I might write one when I get some time. You can find some x264_L-SMASH build instructions which are also helpful:

tMod is very similar to them unless your git branch structure should be:

  • plain
  • kaudio
  • lsmash
  • tMod
  • tMod+MixAQ
  • tMod+OreAQ
  • tMod+TriAQ

Another thing for users to take care of is that x264-audio has stopped its progress for a long time, and it is not quite compliant with the latest Libav/FFmpeg’s APIs. I’ve already got many bug reports regarding audio encoding regressions. There’s currently no working maintainer to fix them, so be careful when you’re doing audio encoding with my builds ( and very likely with many other x264-audio/lsmash based builds which support audio encoding but linked with latest Libav/FFmpeg libraries ).

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